ACFAS 2022 will feature education on the latest advances in foot and ankle surgery, with the most advanced curriculum in the profession.

General Session

Inspiration and encouragement from thought leaders are an energizing component of the ACFAS Annual Scientific Conference programming.

Dr. Myron Rolle

Dr. Myron Rolle

This year’s featured keynote speaker is Dr. Myron Rolle. Dr. Rolle is a former NFL safety, a Rhodes Scholar, and a neuroscience resident at Massachusetts General Hospital. A rare combination of experience in the fields of education, sport, and medicine, Dr. Rolle’s career has taken him from the football field to the front lines, as he currently works and volunteers to aid the hospital in the fight against the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The 2% Way is a  mantra that Dr. Rolle lives by which was instilled in him by his former coach at Florida State, Mickey Andrews. This belief permeates every aspect of his life – from practicing medicine to raising his family to encounters with friends or strangers to running his foundation – as he seeks 2% daily improvement in everything he does. Dr. Rolle will walk the audience through the highs and lows of this football and medical journey which started in the Bahamas to present day at Mass General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, all hoping viewers can take 2% of his message an apply it to some aspect of their lives.

Also, prior to Dr. Rolle’s keynote session, be sure to be in attendance as we recognize our ACFAS Distinguished Service Award winner!

Concurrent Educational Sessions

Considered the heart of the conference, these sessions feature a wide range of topics. Here are just a few of the many highlights of the ACFAS 2022 educational program!

  • Next Level Ankle Fracture: Controversial topics within the realm of surgical repair of ankle fractures. Various topics for a common problem the literature leaving us in the grey zone.
  • Common Pathologies in Athletic Patients: Comprehensive sports medicine topics that are in the less clear, less obvious lanes of pathology that we see in our practices. Topics from the forefoot including second MTP overload to the hindfoot and ankle including subtle syndesmosis injuries and their management to controversial diagnoses such as medial ankle instability. The didactic session with clinical case augmentation.
  • OCD Beyond Microfracture: In-depth coverage of new and emerging topics in the treatment of talar OCDs.

For a complete list of sessions check out the Schedule at a Glance and our Preliminary Brochure!


Part of the ACFAS 2022 program, these optional hands-on surgical workshops allow you to take a deeper dive into critical procedures. Note that there is an additional fee to register for these workshops. Space is limited.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery Workshop (Cadaver) ($250)
  • Medial and Lateral Ankle Ligament Instability (Cadaver) ($250)
  • Ankle Fracture Workshop (Cadaver) ($250)
  • MSK Ultrasound Workshop ($200)
  • Flaps Workshop ($200)